CANNA Research Video

Behind the scenes at CANNA

1 March, 2018
Ever wondered what precedes before the products of CANNA end up in the store? With years of knowledge and expertise CANNA offers you to take a look behind the scenes in the complete process for the first time! From the Research Center up to the production of all our nutrients, additives and substrates.

CANNA’s scientific Research Center is dedicated to research with the focus on innovation for plants, substrates and plant nutrients. Different fertilizer formulations, lighting and other products that are important in cultivation are tested under various conditions. Finding out what a plant really needs and develop the best recipes for our nutrients, that's what it is all about. What makes CANNA’s products so successful? Why are some ingredients so effective as a stimulator? Our laboratories gives the answers to all those questions and many more.


Our CANNA Production Facility is specialized in the production and distribution of plant nutrients. The facility utilizes the most modern techniques for processing high quality end products and takes care of all logistic processes. An extra quality control is included as a part of the daily operations which contributes to the high quality standards of CANNA.

From start to finish; CANNA is what you get. Go behind the scenes and see how our products are made.