World Vegan Day 2019

World Vegan Day - November 10th 2019

8 November, 2019
The vegan community is growing and organic food is rising in popularity. And what is more organic than growing your own products without pesticides and consume it straight from the greenhouse or garden?

Learn about vegan and organic growing at World Vegan Day!

For growing your own organic food, it’s important to ensure that your plants are healthy and given the correct nutrients. BIOCANNA offers a range vegetable-based nutrients without any animal residual products, these products are suited for a vegan lifestyle.

Sunday November 10th CANNA will be present at World Vegan Day in Melbourne to tell you all about vegan and organic growing using BIOCANNA products. World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated by vegans. This one-day event offers a broad and exciting range of examples of what it means to live vegan. Regardless of whether you are already vegan or simply curious to find out more about the lifestyle, this event is an opportunity to explore what's on offer in this lifestyle.