Privacy policy

CANNA respects and protects the privacy of visitors to its website. This is the reason why each visitor can visit the site anonymously in principle. The fact is that CANNA is not interested in the names or other details that may reveal something relating to the identity of visitors to its website.

In order to be able to make use of certain services however, certain personal information has to be provided. CANNA takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all personal details with which it is provided are always treated in confidence and will only be used for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

Article 1: Purpose

You can enter personal details at a number of places on the website. This has the following purpose:

A) Ordering a product

Your details will be used for the implementation of the agreement, which is understood to include the dispatching of products ordered to the address that you have provided.

B) Questions

If you have put a question to CANNA your details will be used in order to be able to give you an answer.

C) Newsletter

If you have consented to this in advance, your details can also be used by CANNA for sending an online newsletter to you.

D) Comments

If you wish to make comments concerning the website you have to provide certain details so that we, or other visitors to the website, are able to give our reactions.

E) Personal Information

Personal information is also requested when you want to become a registered member of the website. Data is needed to verify age and geographic location.

F) Distribution to third parties

CANNA will not distribute your details to third parties without your prior consent, unless we are obliged to do this because of a legal regulation or judicial injunction.

Article 2: General information

CANNA also finds certain general information relating to the website interesting. For example, CANNA is interested in data that says something concerning its website’s success: how many visitors are there per month, which hours are busy and which ones are quiet, which pages attract the most interest etc.

Using this information CANNA is more capable of attuning its website to the wishes of the visitors. In order to protect visitors’ right to privacy, all the information that is collected in this way will be general and anonymous. It is not possible to identify a visitor using this information.

This general information is collected by IP data and cookies. Cookies are small text files that are used to recognize the visitor and are written onto the visitor’s computer. Cookies are also used, among other things, for processing your orders and to save your login details. It is possible to set up your browser in such a way that no cookies can be used. However, you must realize that it’s quite possible that you will then no longer be able to utilise all the website’s possibilities. In order to adjust the facilities and functions to the visitor’s equipment CANNA also keeps track of which type of browser is used to contact our website.

Article 3: Questions or requests

You can ask CANNA to alter or remove your personal details at any time. After receipt of the request CANNA will alter or remove the details concerned in its data base as quickly as possible. You can also send an e-mail with any other questions or comments concerning CANNA’s privacy policy to For other questions and/or comments CANNA is pleased to refer you to the contact section on the website.

Article 4: References

The website contains references to websites of third parties via hyperlinks, banners or buttons for example. CANNA is not responsible for compliance with privacy legislation by third parties.

Article 5: Miscellaneous

The Privacy Policy can be altered at any time and CANNA consequently recommends that it should be consulted regularly.

The Netherlands law applies to this Privacy Policy. Any possible differences will be brought before the courts in Breda NB .