CANNA Calendar 2016 Out Now!

Available now – Calendar 2016

29 January, 2016
After months of preparations including the selection of the models and creating the storyline of this year's calendar edition, we proudly present the CANNA 2016 Calendar to you.

One luxurious mansion, two days of shooting and five models.

This years calendar is shot in a mansion consisting of luxurious rooms, stables and gorgeous outdoor surroundings. The perfect setting for our models. The girls were selected based on the different characteristics that they have. However, combined in our calendar they fit together perfectly because of their shared beauty and sex appeal.

During the shoot, our photographer, asked the girls to think of their hottest experiences. Watch our Behind the scenes 2016 video at and see for yourself what went down behind the scenes. Don't you just want to know what's going on in their pretty heads?

Download your own issue of the CANNA 2016 Calendar now!