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  • Grow it yourself: Peas

    Grow it yourself: Peas

    The versatile and delicious pea offers not just its seeds, but also its pods, shoots, and leaves...
  • Grow it yourself: Pumpkin

    Grow it yourself: Pumpkin

    Without a doubt one of the spookiest foods going round, the pumpkin has become a firm favourite...
  • Grow it yourself: Potato

    Grow it yourself: Potato

    Roasted, mashed, stewed, or chipped, nothing beats a potato for comfort and cosiness—it's the...

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    CANNAZYM is a high-quality enzyme product that speeds up the process of breaking down dead root...
  • CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cube

    CANNA Coco Professional Plus Cube

    After several years of development and testing, CANNA has succeeded in producing a Coco...


    CANNABOOST speeds up the metabolism of your plant. It contains plant extracts which help the plant...